Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?

Furniture, shelves, kitchenware, organizational items and the like.

Do tell.

Comments include information on O!K Furniture Store in Awase (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Nitori in Gushikawa Mall and some 100 yen favorites.


  1. The only reason you can tell locals are in the BX is because you see them as that. I used to take my family shopping every week on base because it was more of a selection at better prices. Love shopping off base here. So many cool new stores to check out and such original stuff! Plan on furnishing my place with as much as I can afford.

  2. yeah, because no American/SOFA person would *ever* leave their cart in the middle of the aisle. I have certainly *never* seen that happen back at Walmart or Publix/Safeway. I’m sorry you were inconvenienced though. But I think the point of the original post was where does one look (besides the obvious and limited selection of the BX/PX) for items to set up house with.
    Nothing a little “Pardon me, sumimasen . . .” can’t fix.

  3. Sorry I meant to say half instead of have, but since I am posting again, it used to be that the only people signed into the PX/BX were fiances trying on engagement and wedding rings. Now it is anyone and everyone getting in your way with their offbase shopping techniques like leaving their cart in the middle of the aisle.

  4. Well I guess if you are truely looking for a bargain and you do not hold an ID card then just look to your local Okinawa Exchange or commissary as you can be signed in as a guest at either location and purchase at your leisure or have someone purchase for you. It goes on everyday constantly, but only in Okinawa. Mainland Japan does not have the same condoned blackmarket as OKinawa and it is highly visible as you can go to a mainland PX or commissary and not even see have as many locals inside.

  5. Michael, look into positions with MCCS, also check the hobby shops, both with MCCS (Marine Bases) and on Kadena. As for “guy stuff” the Makeman stores have a nice tool selection, also there are several specialty stores around. There are a couple of Sports Depot stores around too. Get out and check around.

  6. Ok, I’m not the normal AF spouse. First I’m a guy, next I’m 50+ (that makes me the old token male spouse at our current base) and I’m retired Navy (go figure). So is there a source of supply for guy stuff, tools, hardware, gas for welding, sports stuff? I like to fix and make stuff (but I guess remodeling housing is out of the question) so are there NAF jobs that could work for me?

  7. Futons aren’t hard to maintain. There are zippered covers to keep it clean and also fitted sheets that can be washed like regular sheets. There are also ways of hanging them over balconies to air them out. Many stores carry clamps to keep them in place so they don’t fall off.

  8. Just a heads up that Nitori is no longer located inside the Gushikawa Jusco.

    For directions from Kadena, check the comment section here:

    Otherwise if you’re coming from Foster, just head straight out the Legion Gate and pass Comprehensive Park. Before you reach Jusco you’ll see the Nitori building on your left hand side in the same lot as Sports Depo. The Nitori sign is green and white and in katakana. Total distance is about 7.5-8 km from Legion Gate.

  9. There’s a “Home Store” located on the 1st floor of the Gushikawa Jusco that has kitchenware and storage items among other things. You can find dishes and other knick knacks at the 100 yen stores. My favorite 100 yen stores are located on the 2nd floor of the Gushikawa Jusco, 1st floor of the shopping area at Navel Kadena, and on the way to the Ginowan Convention Center.
    To get to Gushikawa Jusco:
    From Kadena Gate 2, take a left at the first stop light. You’ll go down a ramp to merge Route 85. Drive for 2-3 minutes and you’ll see a pedestrian overpass and immediately after that there is a T-junction where you can turn to the right to get onto another 85. Take this right on 85. Drive on this 85 all the way down. Jusco will be on your right.

    From Foster: Just head straight out the Legion Gate and continue on this road past Comprehensive Park. Keep going straight and Jusco will be on your LEFT side.

    Navel Kadena:
    Take a RIGHT onto 58 from KAB Gate 1. Pass Kadena Marina on your left. Take a LEFT at the traffic signal for Lawson’s and KFC. Take your 1st RIGHT and a quick LEFT to enter the parking lot.

    Ginowan 100 yen store:
    From Foster’s Commissary
    Gate, turn LEFT onto Hwy. 58. Turn RIGHT at the first large
    stoplight. There will be a sign saying “Convention Center.” The 100 yen store will be on your RIGHT hand side. It is in a large shopping plaza that has a big blue building that says “Game St.” or “Game Stop”, not sure which.

  10. Was able to stop by O!K Furniture in Awase. The closest description I can give it is that it’s a Japanese Ikea. There were not any huge sales going on when I went, but I’ve gotten some good bargains there before on such things as a children’s easel, stepstools, etc. I think it’s a hit or miss kind of store in terms of whether it’ll have the items that you want at reasonable prices. But in case anyone’s interested, to get there you would exit out of Foster’s Legion Gate as if you’re headed to Comprehensive Park. After traveling on this road for quite awhile, turn LEFT onto Hwy. 329. After about 1-2 km. down, O!K Furniture will be on the left side.