I’ve had a bit of a time locating a store on the island that sells a decent selection of wine. I’d almost given up on finding anything like what I was looking for. And then, on Sunday, the store sort of fell into my lap.

We were driving down the 58 toward Naha and saw the chain store/restaurant Jimmy’s. At the time I thought it was only a restaurant. Turns out not only is there a restaurant, but there’s a grocery where they sell homemade food – sides, appetizers, main courses – as well as specialty items and WINE! A huge selection!

Jimmys wine  Jimmys wine 2

There is also a bakery… The items looked yummy, but I didn’t personally try anything.

Jimmys bread


There several Jimmy’s locations. There’s one between Futenma and Kinser. And there’s one north of Kadena. Those are the two I know of, but Google showed five locations on the island.


  1. The baked goods are great! we buy breads, rolls, cakes, etc from there regularly (we live right up the hill from them, not a good thing w/ those cakes lol). We’ve eaten at the restaurant as well and it was good, even my parents visiting from the states thought it was good. Myabe different tastes, or maybe just a bad day for the restaurant? There are 22 stores island wide, only 5 have restaurants, and there is a small set up at the Naha airport that sells the boxes of cookies and such.

  2. Whenever my family comes to my house to visit, they almost always bring a cake from Jimmy’s and I’m never disappointed. Keep in mind that most Japanese cakes aren’t as tooth-achingly sweet as what we may be used to. And of course because of this I feel less guilt over having a second piece!