vending machine, originally uploaded by okimamas&papas.


I’m knee deep in convincing my son, Eli, that his milk can come in a variety of ways.

Namely, warm or cold.

It’s not much of a variety but then he isn’t looking for a variety. That would be me because for the one minute it takes to warm his milk in the microwave I also get to hear one minute of whining about said milk that is not YET in his mouth. The horror! The waiting!

All of my efforts and abuse of exclamation points do nothing to make cold milk enticing. This is one small battle that I am sorely losing.

On the bright side, I, who love both warm and cold drinks, can get them easily from an ALL-IN-ONE vending machine. The science!

Any of the Japanese vending machines, on and off base, offer up the warm and cold options. Seems to me that the warm drinks even disappear in the dead heat of summer. Not sure if that’s true but I like the image of seasonal changes to the vending machines.

You’ll know the warm drinks because there’s a red line underneath the can. And a blue line for the cool drinks. No language skills necessary, just know your colors.