Dai Sekirinazan Park


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Okinawa Quasi-National Park Dai sekirinazan lies at the north end of Okinawa, near Cape Hedo. The park goes through a subtropical forest called Yanbaru, which literally means “Mountains and Fields”. Dai sekirinazan is, ‘A memorable visit to the earth of 200 million years ago’.

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The park consists of four intertwined trails, the Wonder of Rocks trail, the Churaumi Ocean View trail, the wheelchair-accessible trail, and the Subtropical Forest trail.

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Throughout these trails lie sacred rocks, breathtaking views, spectacular wildlife, and Japan’s largest Chinese Banyan tree!

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The trails are about 30 minutes and can be very narrow sometimes. To get to the trails, you must take the shuttle bus, which is also where you pay. Right before you go on the trails, there will be an area where you can grab an umbrella, and or a walking stick for no fee, just be sure to return them at the ends of your walk.  At this same area, there are a few drink machines just in case you didn’t bring some yourself. I recommend bringing comfortable walking shoes, shorts, a loose shirt, and a water bottle while on the trails.

Dai sekirinazan Park

Another addition to this park is their Energy Cabin and Ashimui café! Both places are located at the starting point of the trails. Ashimui Herbs Pizza, coffee roasted with Okinawa corals, and ice cream of Okinawa flavors are just a few of the foods served there. The Dai sekirinazan Park provides a unique experience of the diverse Okinawan culture, preserving a snapshot in time of the island’s history.

Dai Sekirinazan Park

Fees: 820 yen for adults; 520 yen for children ages 4 to 14
Groups of 15 people or more, adult fee is 740, and children’s fee is 470

April to September: 9:00am to 6:00pm (final entry 5pm).
October to March: 9:00am to 5:30pm (final entry 4pm)

Website: sekirinzan.com

Phone: 0980-41-8117

Address: Ginama, Kunigami, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture 905-1422

GPS Coordinates: 26.8458752, 128.2552942