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I’ve heard Yamada Tech called Japan’s Best Buy, and it is certainly the place in Okinawa to “geek out”.  Computers, electronics, cameras, video games, music, cell phones, and large Japanese appliances can all be found here, but Yamada Tech also sells light fixtures, air conditioners and all the accessories you can think of. There is even a toy section for boys and girls including dolls, Legos, and an intriguing batch of matchbox car themes with a Mister Donut shop and Honda car dealership.

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Perhaps the greatest part of Yamada Tech is the ability to test before you buy. You can play with the electronics, throw some dirt on the floor and vacuum it up, and feel the breeze of the fans and wall air conditioners. As girls, we had fun trying out all the hair dryers to find one both powerful and quiet.  You can touch the flat and curling irons as well but you can’t plug them in.  All the models are numbered to easily find the item you want to purchase so you don’t have to worry about not being able to read Kanji.

In terms of price, some items seem comparable (video games) while some of the electronics may be more expensive and unlikely to beat online outlets such as NewEgg.  However, given that Japan is generally first to release new electronic products, Yamada Tech might be selling more advanced products than what is available at the Exchanges or online merchants.  It may be worth comparison shopping the televisions – do a quick internet search to net the US model number equivalent.  Yamada Tech is also probably the place to pick up Japan-first releases of anticipated video game titles if you just can’t wait for the US versions.

Hours: 1000-2200 daily

Directions: 3 locations in Okinawa. I visited the one in Gushikawa next to the Birthday store. From Kadena Gate 2 or 3, turn on to 85. When you come down a huge hill, you’ll see Aeon shopping mall on the right. Go through the intersection past Aeon and turn left into the shopping area after you see the Yellow Hat auto shop.

Website: (Plug this into Google’s translator for the other locations

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  1. Does anyone know if they sell Xbox One accessories? I.E.- power cable/converter box. I plugged mine into a 220v and fried it.. Just trying to keep from having to order one from Microsoft.

  2. I can’t seem to find it. I went out gate 2 got on 85 and can’t find the aeon shopping center. The only aeon mall is in American village.

  3. Thanks Paul. We don’t usually go to San A, we’re more of a Jusco family. 🙂 I’ll let my husband know though so he can have another option.

  4. The electronics there will mostly be set up for Japan (100V, 60hz) with the exception being computers, and many of the higher end electronics which should be auto switching, but be sure to check.

    Deo Deo’s are located in the big SanA shopping centers. There is one in SanA Main City on Hwy 85 just down from Yellow Box furniture.

  5. J Burger…we haven’t had any problems with the outlet, though the only purchase with a cord was a hair dryer.

    Paul…can you please give some info on Deo Deo?

  6. Quick question for you all that have shopped there, are the electronics wired for American or Japanese outlets?

    Great info Jeanine, thanks for sharing with us 🙂

  7. I think it’s my husbands favorite store here. We’ve been able to get the protective cases for our ipods, exactly what we wanted. Also tried out camera stuff there before buying online for cheaper. When he gets all “into” it my daughter and I head to the massage area. Lots of different foot massages and chairs to pick from.

  8. Yamada is so great, I”m glad it made it onto Oki Hai – but as for that last sentence – buyer beware – sometimes (as with Wii games) the Japanese versions are coded differently. It’s not a great idea to buy the Japanese versions if you’re not positive they’ll work. Though Yamada staff is friendly, and I’ve made returns there easily.


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