Taking a jump from the Miyagi island bridge


Miyagi island

WARNING: Don’t jump if you don’t want to! Peer pressure is only good in times of Love and Safety. If you are above the age of 13, don’t give into peer pressure! And if you are one of those bullies who enjoy pressuring people because you think it makes you look more macho, think again! It’s rude and insensitive.

With that said, stop being a baby! Live a little! You should totally drive across Miyagi island and jump off this bridge! Honestly, girls do it. So if you are a man reading this, and you don’t muster up the courage to take the plunge, then you just dropped back down into the boy category. Sorry…

Miyagi island

I first jumped off this Miyagi – Ikei Island bridge a few years ago. Because I’m a man. I had seen this bridge as a potential jump a number of times before I actually stood atop it. The first time I jumped was at low tide. I used my friend’s shoulder to steady me, stood on top of the bridge railing and jumped. It was an absolute rush! The free fall was incredible! I forgot what the feeling was like! I had enough time in the air to genuinely reevaluate my life’s choices leading up to that moment! And even when I concluded I couldn’t have in good conscience made any other choices, I still had time to wonder why I haven’t reached the water yet. Then, I began to wonder how bad this was going to hurt… But fortunately, it didn’t hurt at all. I proceeded to jump a few more times. Because I am a man!

Miyagi island

The photos you see in the article are indeed of a woman. We’ll call her Katelin. Katelin, her coworkers, my wife, and dogs convinced me to take them out for a fun beach/Greek food day on Miyagi Island. After the beach, on our way to the Little Greek Kitchen, we drove across this bridge, and I began shaming the men into jumping (peer pressure is much more effective when women are present). By the time lunch was over, the only man committed to conquering his fears was a woman.

Miyagi island

When we parked, there was already a group of about 7 Yankee players who just wrapped up their jumping on the Miyagi island bridge. Kaitlin hardly hesitated at all. She walked up to the top, climbed the rail and jumped. I was surprised and impressed.

The water under the bridge at low tide is plenty deep. I am not an aqua nautical engineer, so I can’t be exactly sure how deep. You can always jump and find out… if you’ve got the guts – which I’m guessing you don’t. The bridge is pretty high.

Miyagi island

There are 4 jumping options: the red bridge itself, the ledge at the base of the red bridge, the ledge just beyond the railing, and the railing itself.

Miyagi island

Pro Tip: Use common sense if you decide to jump from the Miyagi island bridge. Be as close to the red bridge as you are comfortable to ensure the deepest water. The darker the water, the deeper. Check the back side of the bridge to make sure no boats are crossing under. Obviously, make sure you can swim! Once you land, swim to your right and exit the water under the bridge. There is a trail that takes you back up to the road.

Jump at your own risk.

Miyagi Island Bridge

Approximate Address: 〒904-2422 Okinawa-ken, Uruma-shi, Yonashiroikemi, 1−77

GPS Coordinates: 26.3854944, 127.9884917

Directions: Exit Kadena gate 2. Go left just after the bridge above, before the bridge below onto 23/85. Go right on 74 which is immediately under the expressway bridge. Keep straight. 74 turns into 16. Continue straight on 16 for a very long time. 16 takes you onto a long stretch of the bridge with a gorgeous ocean on both sides. Keep straight. You will recognize the jumping bridge when you cross over from Miyagi island to Ikei Island. For more specific directions, google “The Little Greek Kitchen”. You will cross this bridge to get there.


  1. I jumped off the bridge and wish for the life of me I have a number of how high it was. At the time I was afraid of heights and after what seamed like an eternity I jumped and conquered my fear. Do you have any idea how high it is?