There is a base gym called “Gunners Gym” is the newest and one of the largest on Okinawa. Located in building 5902 the Gunners Fitness Center offers a large weight room, cardio room, racquetball courts, basketball court, sauna/steam room, and martial arts room. Adjacent to the main gym building are a baseball field, outdoor heated pool, tennis courts, field house, and an outdoor equipment rental facility. The gyms on Okinawa also offer a variety of classes and services from Karate and aerobics to massage therapy/personal trainers. For specific information on hours or contact info, please visit the MCCS Fitness Center website at

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Okinawa is truly a diver or snorkeler’s paradise. Camp Foster is located within a few minutes of several popular beach and dive sites along the South China Sea. The Foster dive shop is located between the theatre and Navy Fed. A good page to locate the store is

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Camp Foster’s theatre is conveniently located outside of the Main Exchange and Marketplace mini mall. This location tends to have more showings than most other camps and does play 3D movies. For current prices and show times visit the Exchange Reel Time website at:

The Foster Teen Center is available for dependents between the ages of 13-18 and is found in building 200 (The Spot). Specific information is available at:

The Foster Bowling Alley is a large facility equipped with a pro shop, Pizza Hut and A&W. This is a great place for a party or to relieve stress at lunch time. For specific information on the MCCS bowling alleys, visit

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Children who are a bit younger can find activities at the Kishaba Youth Center in building 24 (near Popeye’s) which has recreational activities for children between the ages of 10-12. All MCCS sponsored youth centers on island are affiliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Specific information can be found at:

MCCS Tours plus has an office in building 1010 located between the commissary and bowling alley. They are a great resource for getting acquainted to the many sites on Okinawa and for trips off island. For the current info on events and trips visit:

The Custom Shop and Foster Framing and Fine Arts are both located in the Foster Community Center building (bldg. 5908). The Custom Shop is a one stop location for plaques, trophies, embroidery, silk-screening, engraving and laser engraving. For current info visit:

Foster Framing and Fine Arts offers classes in Ikebana, pottery, Japanese Calligraphy and other artistic disciplines. Aside from classes you can stop by and use the pottery wheels, easels, mat cutters, work tables and kiln services with the staff standing by to offer help and advice. For more info visit:


Foster has three DODEA schools on the camp. They are Killin Elementary School, Zukeran Elementary School and Kubasaki High School. Middle school students are bussed to Lester Middle School.

All the DODEA schools on island are considered to be among safest and highest performing in the nation. For this particular reason Okinawa is considered a duty station of choice for families with school age children. For more information visit:

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The Child Development Centers on Camp Foster are called the Foster Ashibina located in building 1680 and Foster Chimugukuru located in building 499.  Specific information can be found at:

The Base Education Center (building 5679) offers tuition assistance help as well as hosts various self-help and transitional classes offered by MCCS. The education center contains offices manned by representatives from the main College Campuses offered on Okinawa as well as flyers and literature from various online campuses. For more info on the education options on Foster through MCCS visit:


  1. My husband and I spent a hour or more choosing a carpet to put in our home at the Foster Furniture Store. We paid for the carpet and set up the delivery service and were expecting the carpet tomorrow. Today we received a call from the store asking us to come in as they had lost our order slip. Upon arrival we were told that the man that did the transaction for us never put a sold sign on our carpet and it was already sold and out of the store. All the store offered was for us to pick a new carpet. Seriously?!?! No discount, no nothing except sorry we messed up pick a new one at the same price of the other one you already paid for. I am beyond furious and will never shop at this store again! Highly recommend you take your business elsewhere if you would like to take home the actual products you purchase!

  2. Update, tours plus is no longer between the bowling alley and commissary. It is now Sumo Burrito and a frozen yogurt shop. Tours plus is located near the theater in the Tsunami Gear sports shop. Semper Gumby! (always flexible)