Preschool review

When my family and I were preparing to move to Okinawa I had a hundred sixty-seven (thousand) questions.  One of the biggest ones was about housing (what would it look like? what were our options?).  The other was for my daughter: What were our options for preschool?

This was before I found Okinawa Hai, and before I joined this team, so my questions were answered once we landed and found our Okinawan bearings.  Hopefully – for most of you – our School Index has helped you with your questions about where to find the best school fit for you and YOUR family.

Kids enrolled at Z International Daycare and Preschool l Okinawa Hai!

But as with everything, times change, opinions change, and information definitely changes.  In order to keep our school reviews up to date and current, it’s time we get some updated school reviews.

If your child(ren) attend a school on Okinawa and love it and want to help us update the information in our School Information Index, send an email to our Submissions Manager, Heather: She’ll send you a template to fill out and help you get the word out to other parents who are in search of that “just right” learning environment for the smallest members of your family.

Please note: We only accept submissions from PARENTS whose children are currently attending preschools. We will not accept reviews from preschool directors or educators, as we’re looking for these reviews to be as honest as possible.  Please also note, only positive reviews will be accepted, so if you don’t love your child’s school, we encourage you to look elsewhere.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today and find out how you can help other parents in search of that perfect (for them) preschool!

Most Needed Preschool Reviews (from 2012 and earlier):

Ai International Preschool (last reviewed 1/2008)

All Souls’ Episcopal Church Children’s Program (last reviewed 11/2007)

AmerAsian School of Okinawa (last reviewed 10/2011)

Busy Bee International School (last reviewed 5/2010)

Casa de Ninos (last reviewed 2/2010)

Cherry Blossom Preschool (last reviewed 5/2007)

Clover Montessori International Preschool (last reviewed 8/2011)

East West Montessori School (last reviewed 8/2008)

Golden Mind Achievers International Preschool (last reviewed 6/2012)

Hanazono Yochien (last reviewed 1/2008)

Hirayasu Yochien (last reviewed 8/2008)

Kids Place 24 Rush Daycare (last reviewed 5/2010)

Koza Seibo Yochien (last reviewed 8/2007)


Maranatha Baptist Academy (last reviewed 3/2007)

Matsumoto Daycare & Preschool (last reviewed 5/2010)

Okinawa Christian School International (last reviewed 5/2008)

Rainbow Montessori Education Center (last reviewed 10/2012)

St. Josephine Montessori School (last reviewed 3/2012)

Sunshine Montessori School (last reviewed 3/2009)

Sure Start (we will accept a post from an educator who can thoroughly explain this program and its requirements for enrollment)

Wakaba Child Development Center (last reviewed 4/2007)
*If your child attends a CDC/Youth Center or DoDEA-run on base preschool program, we are looking for these reviews as well

Wee Care International Preschool (last reviewed 3/2007)

World Mission Christian School (last reviewed 4/2012)

Youzefu Yochien (last reviewed 6/2008)

Please contact Heather for all other (pre)school review inquiries:

The following are schools for which we previously had reviews here on Okinawa Hai, but which we have subsequently removed at the request of the schools’ administration. Please note that in accordance with our Legal Page policy we will not publish updated reviews of these schools in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Duke’s Preschool Center (removed December 2015)

Leonardo da Vinci Academy (removed April 2014)

Santa Monica International Kids School (removed April 2013)

Wee Care International Preschool (removed June 2014)