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It’s been a big year for us at Okinawa Hai!  All of us on staff had the “privilege” of moving/PCSing or dealing with deployment or BOTH in 2012.  We also gave birth to two new sister websites and started… big breath…  wait for it…  PINNING AND TWEETING!!!  I know, I know, we are so cool.

So we wanted to make sure you were up to date on how to hear from us and stay up on all the great information we/you are sharing with each other here in WWW-land.

okihai Follow us on Twitter and meet Kassie, our Twit.  I mean, our Twitterer…um… Tweeter??: Okinawa Hai on Twitter

We are also beginning our presence on Pinterest.  Follow us there:  Okinawa Hai on Pinterest 

We are still going strong on FB – always announcing new posts and local info.  Like us at:  Okinawa Hai Facebook Page

Due to changes in how FB operates, our FB Page (above) isn’t a great place for you to post your questions because few people will see them.  But WOW! a lot of questions are being asked and answered on our Group page (replaced the Oki Hai Society Forum this year).  Like us and join here:  Okinawa Hai Facebook Group

GermanyLogo_txtBack in September Germany Ja! was born.  A site like Oki Hai, but focused on US military and English-speakers living in Germany.  There have been SEVENTY-THREE posts since then (73!!), all sharing the kind of boots-on-the-ground info we need when living overseas.  Sarah, our previous Oki Hai manager, is running that site for us — stop by and say hello!  And if you are PCSing there or have friends who are, please share the love!

Germany Ja (Main website)

Germany Ja Facebook Page (Announces new posts and info from manager)

Germany Ja Facebook Group (Q&A for our Germany peeps!)

Germany Ja on Pinterest (New posts featured)


And if that wasn’t enough, we gave birth AGAIN in October to our newest site, Korea Ye!  An old friend and one of the original Oki Hai writers, Kelly, moved to Korea this summer and is heading up things for us there.  They already have 35 great posts from local readers and are growing everyday.  If you are PCSing to Korea, check them out!!

Korea Ye (Main Site)

Korea Ye Facebook Page (New posts announced, etc)

Korea Ye Facebook Group (Q&A for Korea peeps)

Korea Ye on Pinterest (New posts featured)

Happy New Year!  May 2013 be as fruitful and crazy and wonderful as 2012!  Thanks for reading us!

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