Saltwater Fishing Okinawa – CLOSED

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have been informed that this operation is no longer in business. We’re leaving in our archives for those of you who may be looking for it.

Fishing on deck


I love eating fish and Okinawa has some delicious ones swimming around in the waters.  My friend and I are hardly fishing experts, but we both wanted to give deep water fishing a try before we left the island.  After looking into some options, we decided to book a trip with Saltwater Fishing Okinawa.  Booking was fairly simple:  you can reserve a spot and pay via Paypal through their website.  You can either get a full charter together or join an open charter individually. Saltwater Fishing Okinawa gives a discount to military personnel and their guests (100 USD).  That fee covers the boat, bait, a basic reel (power reels and trolling reels are available for additional fees), and the entertaining and helpful Captain Billy.

When you return to port, Captain Billy and his staff will clean and fillet the fish for a nominal fee of a few dollars.  Coordinating the date can be done via email with Captain Billy, the owner of the fishing company. Flexibility helps as weather or cancellations can affect the charters.   The trip has an early start: 0250. Bleary eyed but full of anticipation, we met outside Camp Foster’s Legion Gate and convoyed down to Itoman Port (with a quick stop at a convenience store to pick up snacks and drinks).  After a quick run through safety and expectations, we were off to open water and some of us tried to get some shut eye during the 2-and-half-hour ride out to sea.  As the sun rose and the waves batted up against the boat, I must admit I felt a sense of awe staring at the vast blue ocean and the golden rays beginning to light up the sky.

Fishing poles

Soon, we were at the fishing grounds.  Captain Billy offers a quick tutorial on how to fish with his set ups. Put your hook through the eye, slip back through the body of the tiny fish, and drop it in the water.  It couldn’t be simpler, eh? The minute a line went into the water, someone pulled out a skipjack (also known as a Bonito or in Japanese as a katsuo).  I first pulled a decent sized yellow fin tuna.  Shouts of ‘Fish On!’ and the pulling out of strong fish made every tug on your line, whether a fish or the tide, surge adrenaline. Captain Billy and his staff help all along the way, offering advice and humorous jokes, and taking the fish off the line as you bring them in. The fish go into a common holding area, but you can tag your catches if you want.  Otherwise, they simply divide the catch based on what you say you caught when they get to port.

The Saltwater Fishing Okinawa charter was one of the most exciting things I’ve done on the island. My friend and I went home with two yellow fin tuna and four skipjacks.  That very night, we cut up one of the slipjacks and served half as sashimi and seared the other half in garlic and pepper with a large salad to five friends. It’s hard to beat the freshness and the satisfaction of a fish you have caught yourself.

Fishing guys

A note of caution, though, you might want to check sea conditions and prepare for seasickness.  Being on a small boat in open water can turn the hardest stomach, so you might look into a motion sickness medication before you leave. On our trip, the water was quite choppy, resulting in a large number of us offering personal chum for fish. For some, this was a momentary rumble; for others, like myself, it was occasionally debilitating. Even as I stood up to get a glass of water while writing this entry, I felt the echoes of the sea.  My legs wobbled a little and I swear I felt the room list.

Fishing rough water

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  • May 24, 2011

    lol at the people who gave billy a single cent. that guy is a crook and a simple google search about the guy or any local fishing forums would have told you that.

    glad he is out of business.

    not a capt billy fan
    • November 7, 2011

      I was in Okinawa from 03-07 went out with Billy once and vowed to never go back, on the other han Chris was great always took good care of me and we always got fish. Capt Billy was a rip off and the local fisherman hated the guy. He had no idea what he was doing when it came to fishing.

      Just somebody
  • May 18, 2011

    Anyone know how to get our deposit money back from this place? They took down the website and doesn’t answer any emails – I would like my $400 deposit back…

  • April 22, 2011

    FYI dude went out of buisness and ran off with deposit money!

  • January 20, 2011

    Not sure why the bad reviews. We did a charter with this guy and it was a blast. We had two cancels because of weather and a 3rd where we actually met up with him at 0200 and he called it off. 4th time was a charm! We didn’t drive too far out, about an hour or so (I’ve heard of horrible 3 hour trips out and a 6 hour back from other places). Everybody caught fish (some more than others!). I pulled four and the top was 14 followed by 9. We’re going to book again with him this year!

  • October 6, 2010

    Well from someone who has actually booked a boat with captain Chris of okidiving, I can tell you it is the worst decision I’ve made for my Okinawa trip. Apparently the day I went, there was a storm coming, and instead of advising us to cancel the trip, we went anyways. Other captains I have gone fishing with would have canceled the trip even if it was slightly windier, and to have gone ahead of a storm was insane. Also, I booked in advance on their website so that I can have an English captain and not to have him put us with a Japanese captain that doesn’t speak English. After leaving the port for about 2 hours, we’ve been told that we have to return to shore because the storm was getting closer.

  • August 20, 2010

    I personally haven’t been out with Captain Billy, and probably never will from some of the stories my friends have told me about some of his charters. I go out with Captain Chris out of Awase port. You can find contact and pricing info at . I’ve had a few friends that have gone out with both Billy and Chris, and they all say they had a better experience with Chris. One other thing about setting up a trip with Captain Chris is, even if he is already booked, he will hook you up with a Japanese captain.