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Back when I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I were stationed in Germany. We were still newlyweds at the time, with two modest salaries and a house filled with government furniture, so needless to say we certainly didn’t have any baby gear. This was the first grandchild on both sides, and our families were excited to help us out… but with the Atlantic Ocean separating us, an in-person baby shower with our families just wasn’t going to happen (and this was back before Skype was available to the general population).  

My mom, however, decided to throw one for me in absentia; she sent out invites instructing everyone to bring their unwrapped gifts, and they gathered together to oooh and ahhh over all the tiny clothes and toys and gear they’d bought to give us before wrapping it all up, and then made a scrapbook to commemorate the experience.And then my mom shipped everything to us, one box at a time, which was not cheap.

Sure, we purchased some items on the economy, but what I really wanted was the familiarity of products I’d seen and used before; at our tiny Bavarian Army post,the Exchange had just the bare essentials. What I would have given for a service like Amazon Mom. Whether you choose to use cloth or disposable diapers, to breast or bottle feed, to clothe your baby in all organic cotton or whatever fits your sense of style, Amazon Mom has what you need to support both mom and baby from pregnancy to birth and beyond. 

From creating an Amazon Baby Registry (which would have saved me and my mom a TON of money on shipping fees), to buying and saving big bucks on diapers – 30% Off Select Pampers (offer good though June 11th when you sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trial of Amazon Mom), an account like this is well worth the cost. My kids are too old for me to use this service now, but I use my Amazon Prime account on a weekly basis, not just for the fast shipping perks (not just stateside fast – overseas fast!) but also for streaming free movies and music, and Kindle books.

Having a baby overseas is stressful, whether your delivery is smooth and easy and you’re all home the next day…. or you end up delivering a month early in a (really great) German hospital where only half the staff speaks English, and you’re discharged before you’re told the hospital will be admitting your sorta-premie to the NICU for two weeks where they keep her covered with a large downy pillow… I mean, not that this happens, except… well, let’s just say it was an interesting experience, and thank goodness for the military liaisons to help translate.

(All’s well that ends well; we all survived intact, and even though they never put an ID bracelet on her, I’m certain she’s mine: she looks – and acts – exactly like me.)

If you’re expecting a baby – or if you’ve got one at home with you already – make your life a little easier – sign up for a FREE 30 Day trial of Amazon Mom, and take advantage of the low prices, wide selection, and fast overseas shipping.

If you sign up through the links on this page, you’ll receive a free, no-commitment 30 Day trial of Amazon Mom; there’s no extra cost for you – in fact, through these links you’ll get special offers not otherwise offered – and you’ll also help keep Okinawa Hai running. Thanks!

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