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Finding a hair salon and a stylist you love can be difficult no matter where you live. Below is a compilation of local salons I’ve gathered from friends and searching through old Okinawa Hai posts/comments. I’ve also included a list of helpful terms, phrases, and tips.

Helpful Terms

hair – kami

cut – katto

shampoo – shampu

blow-dry – buro

perm – pama

short – mijikai

long – nagai

fringe/bangs – maegami

parting – wakeme

side(s) – yoko

the back – ushiro

dye hair – kami wo someru

messy – suki

thinning shears – suki-basami

Helpful Phrases

I want a haircut. “Katto wo onegaishimasu

Please cut my bangs. “Maegami wo kittekudasai

Please don’t make it too short. “Amari mijikaku kiranaide kudasai

Please leave it straight in the back. “Bakku ni dan wo tsukenaide kudasai

I’d like it layered. “Reiya-do ni kudasai

Please cut my hair in the style shown in this picture. “Kono shashin no yo ni shite kudasai

Pro Tips

  • There may be a language barrier, but remember that YOU are the one speaking a foreign language.
  • Be patient.
  • Always bring in at least one photo of the hairstyle/color you want. If possible, from multiple angles.
  • Be sure of what you want to have done; if you are confident in your decision on how you’d like your hair, it will be easier to communicate that to the stylist.
  • Enjoy your experience!

Salons (by location)


Amber Rose Hair Salon
Okinawa Hai reader review & comments
salon Facebook Page

Okinawa Hai reader review & comments
salon website

Bright Okinawa

Cocok’s Salon (2 locations)
Okinawa Hai reader review & comments
salon website

Cotton Candy
Okinawa Hai reader review & comments
salon website

Earth Hair & Make (multiple locations including American Village)
Okinawa Hai reader review & comments
salon website

Hair Sophis
Okinawa Hai reader review & comments

Oriental Magic
salon Facebook page

Your Hair by Rumiko
Okinawa Hai reader review & comments
salon Facebook page

Haircuts by Tyler – American barber (located in Rumiko’s salon)
Facebook Page



Angara Hair

Pink Queen Hair Salon
Okinawa Hai reader review & comments



Charm Hair Studio
Okinawa Hai reader review & comments
salon website

K’s Hair
salon website


Stylique Salons on Military Bases

Camp Courtney – 622-6535

Camp Foster      – 645-5596

Camp Kinser      – 637-2827

Kadena AB         – 050-5865-3072

We’ve purposely left off the names of temporary residents of Okinawa who style hair (i.e. military spouses) for the sole purpose of maintaining a more accurate-long term reference page. Feel free to leave a comment recommending those temporary businesses along with their contact information.

If you’ve had a great (or less than stellar) experience at one of the salons listed above (or just specific questions about it) and we have a review of it here on Okinawa Hai, please leave your comments on that post so others can benefit from your thoughts.

Also, if you have been to a hair salon here on Okinawa and it’s not listed here, please leave its name and website in the comments below so we can add it in. If we don’t already have a review about a salon you’ve been to and loved, please consider writing one for us! For more information about how to send us a post for publication, visit our Submissions Page.



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