Japanese Holiday & Festival Calendar

    Japanese Holiday & Festival Calendar

    The following is a list of Japanese holidays that are celebrated on Okinawa.  We have provided links to posts we have on our site, and hope to add more posts on these events as you, our readers, submit articles to us. In the meantime, get to know the national anthem of our host country, known as Kimigayo.

    JANUARY 一月 (ichigatsu)
    1 –   New Year’s Day (Shōgatsu)
    11 – Coming of Age Day (Seijin no hi)

    Cherry Blossom viewings and festivals typically held mid-January to late-February

    Photo Source: commons.wikimedia.org

    FEBRUARY 二月 (nigatsu)
    3 –    Bean Throwing Festival (Setsubun)
    11 – National Foundation Day (Kenkoku kinen no hi)
    14 – Valentine’s Day

    Strawberry Picking – typically available from late January through May
    Sunflower Festival
    – February 28th – March 15th, 2015

    Photo Source: commons.wikimedia.org

    MARCH 三月 (sangatsu)
    3 –   Girls’ or Doll’s Festival (Hinamatsuri)
    14 – White Day (Howaito dē)
    21 – Spring equinox (Sunbun no hi)

    Azalea Festival – March 1st – 21st, 2016

    Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/charlottemarillet/

    APRIL 四月 (shigatsu)
    29 – Birthday of the Showa Emperor (Showa no hi)

    Lily Festival – April 23 – May 5, 2016

    Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

    MAY 五月 (gogatsu)
    April 29 to May 5 – Golden Week (Ōgata renkyū)
    3 –  Constitution Day (Kenpo kinenbi)
    4 –  Greenery Day (Midori no hi)
    5 –  Children’s Day (Kodomo no hi)
    3 to 5 –  Naha Dragon Boat Races

    Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

    JULY 七月 (shichigatsu)
    7 –  Star Festival (Tanabata)
    20 – Sea Day (Umi no hi)

    Festival Season on Okinawa (dates will vary by year)

    Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

    AUGUST 八月 (hachigatsu)
    1st Sunday of August – 10,000 Eisa Dancers Festival
    15 to 17- Festival of Souls (Obon)

    Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

    SEPTEMBER 九月 (kugatsu)
    19 – Respect for the Aged Day (Keiro no hi)
    22 – Autumn Equinox Day (shubun no hi)

    Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eelssej_/

    OCTOBER 十月 (jūgatsu)
    10 – Sports Day (Taiiku no hi)
    10 – Naha Tug of War
    17 – Okinawa Soba Day (Soba no hi)
    (Date varies) Yonabaru Tug of War

    Photo Credit: wikitravel.org

    NOVEMBER 十一月 (jūichigatsu)
    3 –   Culture Day (Bunka no hi)
    15 – 7-5-3 Year-olds Festival (Shichi-go-san)
    23 – Labor Thanksgiving Day (Kinro kansha no hi)

    Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rwfreund/

    DECEMBER 十二月 (jūnigatsu)
    23 – Emperor’s Birthday (Tenno tanjobi)
    31 – New Year’s Eve (Omisoka)

    Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org

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