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Pizzeria da Enzo, The best Pizzeria in Yomitan, Japan Okinawa-Hai

Pizzeria da Enzo, The best Pizzeria in Yomitan, Japan, Okinawa-Hai. Contributed by ANDREA WOOD I found a taste of Italy at Pizzeria da Enzo, Yomitan, Japan,...

Maruki’s Wood Fired Pizza

CONTRIBUTED BY DONNA MACK I discovered Maruki Pizza by accident. I walk daily and was so excited to find this Wood Fired Pizza place just...
American Pizzaman | Okinawa Hai!

American Pizzaman

CONTRIBUTED BY EMILY BUREK My husband and I often find ourselves tired and hungry after longs days at the beach. As we all know, hours...
Kokopelli's Pizza | Okinawa Hai!

Kokopelli’s Pizza

CONTRIBUTED BY THE THIRSTY SHISA Let’s say it’s Friday night and it’s time to unwind with a few friends and maybe have a beer or...
Cafe Ichara | Okinawa Hai!

Cafe Ichara

CONTRIBUTED BY THE WANDERING WAFFLE HEADS This place presented itself to us during one of our many "location trips" where we try to find a...
Pizzeria Bar Lecco | Okinawa Hai!

Pizzeria Bar Lecco

CONTRIBUTED BY MARISSA MATSUZAKI “Hmmm, Lunch. Where should we go for lunch?” That is always the question when we will be out and about most...
Napoli Pizzeria Bar l Okinawa Hai!

Napoli Pizzeria Bar

CONTRIBUTED BY ANNA WISHERD Since moving on island this past August, we have been in search of a pizza joint that serves delicious food and made...
Restaurant Salsa l Okinawa Hai!

Restaurant Salsa

Editor's Note: Restaurant Salsa is in the same location as the restaurant formerly known as La Tejadita Ichiban. Thanks to Alissa for sending us...

TOGO Pizza

CONTRIBUTED BY TRISH KAPRIELIAN I was cruising around one day in the area between 58 and the 58 bypass and found a pizza place called...

Shakey’s Pizza

CONTRIBUTED BY SHELL BURGER I kept hearing from friends about Shakey’s, a pizza buffet that offers a variety of strange pizzas and curry. With this...

American Kitchen

CONTRIBUTED BY CARLA SHANK American Kitchen is a recently opened fast food place for one-stop delicious meals. Ordering take-out here is easy - I called...


CONTRIBUTED BY CHRISTOPHER DONG Bacar Front I’m reeling. Knocked back, about to fall off my stool. Wafts of crackling wood, stewed tomatoes, shaved garlic, minty basil,...

Soul Kitchen

CONTRIBUTED BY MONETTE EAMES Soul Kitchen Front I was never a big fan of ‘soul food’ growing up on an island, but I guess I was...

Pizza In

 CONTRIBUTED BY JESSICA TIUSECO With our extension paperwork finally filed we have been voraciously exploring the island just in case we get some bad news...

Pizza House, Jr.

CONTRIBUTED BY DEANNA HAXTON My husband was craving pizza and I just couldn't justify another night of eating on base when we are still...

Banyan Tree

Though we spend most of our "post time" encouraging you to get up and off base to explore and enjoy Okinawa, we are currently...

Bella Napoli

CONTRIBUTED BY SARAH FORTE There’s a new pizzeria on the island - Bella Napoli! I’m not sure which is better, the pizza or the view,...

Wine & Pizza 58 (Formerly: Pizzeria Il Piccolino)

EDITOR'S NOTE: This restaurant was closed for a period of time but as of July 2012 we have been informed that it has reopened...

Pizza in the Sky, aka Kajinho

CONTRIBUTED BY JOELLE YAMADA                 I traveled a lot in my 20s -- and getting to this restaurant brought back...


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