• Gokoku-ji Temple
    November 25, 2016

    Gokoku-ji Temple

    CONTRIBUTED BY LOUISE DUPUY Have you had a chance to visit the beautiful Naminoue-gu shrine yet? If you are planning a visit, I’d like to draw your attention to its Buddhist cousin, Gokoku-ji temple.…
  • Jingū-ji Temple
    November 18, 2016

    Jingu-ji Temple

    CONTRIBUTED BY LOUISE DUPUY Have any of you visited Futenma shrine caves? For those who have, you may or may not have noticed, a short walk up the road from the highway is a gateway. This is the entrance…
  • Bullfight
    November 8, 2016

    November 2016 Local Events Calendar

    CONTRIBUTED BY KERI C. Here you’ll find a list of local events for the month of November. Events on the island are constantly being created and changed, so please make sure to use the contact info…
  • futenma-shrine-caves
    October 28, 2016

    Futenma Shrine Caves

    CONTRIBUTED BY LOUISE DUPUY If you’ve ever driven out of Camp Foster's Legion Gate and taken a right, you’ll have passed by Futenma Shrine Caves. You may or may not have spotted it; it sits just…
  • Temples Shrines
    September 26, 2016

    Visiting Shrines & Temples in Japan

    CONTRIBUTED BY LOUISE DUPUY   The two biggest religions in Japan are Shinto and Buddhism. The former's place of worship is a shrine; the latter a temple. Whilst these two religions vary somewhat…
  • Nakijin | Okinawa Hai!
    July 25, 2016

    Nakijin Castle Ruins

    Editor's Note: This post was originally published in 2015, but we received another post with some valuable information that we felt should be added. We're including both of these contributors' writing…
  • Hill 27 stone
    July 21, 2016

    Hill 27

    CONTRIBUTED BY KIRKLAND MARTIN There are many battle sites you can visit on Okinawa, which aids in understanding the tragedy and loss of human lives here. I learned of a site that is relatively unknown,…
  • view
    May 16, 2016

    Nakagusuku Castle Ruins

    Editor's Note: The Nakagusuku Castle Ruins were originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on December 12, 2008; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take…
  • Fukushen Gardens
    April 24, 2016

    Photo Of The Week: Fukushen Gardens, Naha

    Thanks to Keith Robbins of Silver Fo Photography taken at the Fukushen Gardens in Naha - this is a runner up for our 2016 Calendar. Thanks for sharing! #Okinawa #OkinawaHai #DailyOki #Nature #GetOutside…
  • Fukushen
    April 11, 2016

    Fukushen Gardens

    Editor's Note: Fukushen Garden was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on August 14, 2009; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take on this attraction,…
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